from the back seat

In the few minutes it took to get from Grandview to Clintonville, the boys talked about a variety of things this morning.  I jotted notes in my phone once I parked the Jeep, and have transcribed them here.
Tolliver: You saw me be very brave last night?  I need sleep with my brontosaurus.  He in the basement so I go'ed down to get him.  It was dark but I be'ed very brave so the dark did not smack me in the face. 

Tucker: Mom, if a spike was coming toward your finger, your fingernail could act like a piece of armor to protect you.

Tolliver:  Rockets have a top but they don't have any mouths for talking.  Rockets can't talk.  But rockets do have windows.

(We saw a cement truck, and Tuck mentioned how slow the concrete was pouring out - I started to explain viscosity, using cement and water and honey and ketchup as examples...
*note: if I had not taught fifth grade science, I may never have known the word viscosity)
Tuck: So like spit going down your throat, it doesn't go as fast as juice, it just kind of jogs down back there.  

Tollie:  I don't want freckles on my nose anymore.  I don't care for them.

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