Tolliver sat for a long time (for a two year old) at the piano yesterday and worked on his first titled piece, which he proudly called the "cement truck song."  
Later in the evening we attended a local talent show, where a young man played a lovely piano solo.  Tollie leaned back in my lap and looked up at me in astonishment, saying "Mama, that guy playing my cement truck song!"When Tollie feels pleased with his compositions he finales with a flourish.  He throws back his head, covered in curls that stick out in peaks like royal icing, and laughs, and then he leans forward to take a bow and his chin concertinas into his neck.
He is not much of a musician, more of a bellower than a singer, more of a pounder than a player.  But in his own little songs there is, to the rightly tuned ear, a certain kind of music.  


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

If Tolliver is playing the piano with such intensity...shouldn't he be wearing a batting helmet?


Kristy Grachek said...

Play on buddy!

rht said...

Can you hear me clapping?