well on the road

I don’t think I missed the foreshadowing.  He’s known the sounds each letter makes for years, and has been talking about beginnings and endings and sticky letters in-between.  But Tucker read four books to me yesterday.  And it just felt sudden, like mingled with all the awe I sensed was a small, accidental bit of surprise.  I've witnessed countless students improve their reading skills, and I take unabashed credit for teaching my younger sister, the best reader I know, how to decipher text.  But my own child?  Oh man, it was magic.  I am, especially as a mother, easily pleased, but these things the boys do, the way they grow and outgrow themselves over and over?  It feels like a miracle to me every time.
Tuck read four books to me yesterday.  And then he hopped up from his spot on the couch and headed off to the next thing, proclaiming he'd gotten a little bit of a bookache.


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Can't wait until his K-teacher notes he has your math skills, too!


P.S. By the way, I read four books in the last few years...

Tiffany said...

That wAs one of my favorite moments too!