Always, in all ways

Santa sent Tolliver a video from his Portable North Pole, and in the clip referred to the the big red Brio engine that Tollie had asked for.  Specifically, Santa said he knew Tollie was "hoping for a certain train for Christmas."  Since he opened the gift, Tollie has taken it everywhere, even to bed, and has referred to it solely as his "certain train."
I don't even:  Mom, we don’t eat the outside of scorpions. But we can eat their eyes. They have green eyes. Yum. 

Or:  Mom, my brain is blue.  Just like it's blue in the skeleton in the human body book.  But my brain is not plastic.  It's real.

He overuses the prefix "re."  He says restruction for construction and restructions for instructions… For example, he's all Let’s read Goodnight Goodnight Restruction Site or I want to see the fish at the requarium and Where are the restructions for this Lego truck?  He also calls the movie Despicable Me Respictable Me.

When I asked what he'd like for lunch yesterday:  I just want to eat cherry pie yogurt.  We don't eat cherries what are hanging on bushes, they could make humans sick.  And we are like humans.
Also, can I have my cucumbers cut in hexagons?

You know Mom, bar soap holds electricity in it, that's why it stings your eyes.

He's been asking, fairly regularly, if we'll always be his parents.  Mom, I will always be your boy.  Will you always always always be my mommy?  And you'll always keep me?

Always buddy, in all ways.  
Also?  Cherry pie yogurt is just yogurt with cherries.  He's always called it that.


rht said...

Oh -- I hope I live long enough to understand as much about this world as Tollie has already figured out!
;> Also, can I have my cucumber cut in hexagons?

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

And you will always be my daughter.

However, Tolliver seems re-fussed about how this works.