Chicago in January

Although I prefer our somewhat inadvertent tradition of leaving Ohio in January to visit someplace warm - Virgin Gorda, Puerto Rico, Arizona - I do not regret going to Chicago over the weekend to meet up with friends.
We made a lot of memories, and maybe a few mistakes, ate a ton of really great stuff and saw some really neat things.  It was easy to smile, and drink, through the cold with these guys.
My days become so linked by routine -- tied to nap schedules and twisted around story books and coloring pages, lost in building lego ships and pulling pieces of eggshell from muffin batter -- that I barely notice what’s changed unless I step away.

We are always elated to leave the house, to travel, but the piece of the puzzle that might have been missing, that part that used to leave me with angsty feelings about having to come home?  I found it in my boys.  Now I’m thrilled to be going, and happy to return.  And between the two, I think that covers it all.
1.  the Butcher and the Burger
2.  supporting Chef Allen, who supported NCH Hospice via daytonerwife
3.  brunch at Nookie's
4.  the Signature Room #incrediblyhighinchicago
5.  to life (and to beercades, and to #bogus skin)
6.  deep dish at Giordano's via daytonerwife


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Glad you got away and had fun!
Say, in that one picture, is Iowa Corey wearing "bread bags" over his shoes??? How can he afford two??


Tiffany Townsend said...

So glad you got away!!