Tollie says

Let’s play hide and seek.  You count.  But first can you cover me up with these pillows so I can hide?

Jets are like giant bees.  But they have huge engines. 

A week or so ago: Where did all the snow go?  Oh wait, I know!  The sun and the snowplows did teamwork! 

That motorcycle has two tires, just like my body has two kid-a-neys.  
I am excellent at making two fingers, look.  Because I used to be that many fingers.  But now I'm three.

My feelings are feeling hurt. 

I really like dinos and trains. But I don’t like flowers. 
You don’t like flowers?!
I do!  No, I don’t, actually.  But I do like babies.  And rainbows. 

That’s a slug and that’s a centipede and that’s a roly poly.  Roly polies can turn into balls that you can NOT throw. 

My teeth are just like a nutcracker. 
I tried to slow down but when I walk I can feel my legs going faster that means it’s time to run.

He does this thing, probably because he used to hear us do it with Tuck, where he repeats words and tries to identify their beginning sounds:  Teamwork starts with ta-ta-teeth.  Pancake starts with puh- puh-pee.  Crabby starts with cra-cra-crap.  Ceiling starts with… what’s my sister called again?

I need to get my freckles off my nose since I am such a bog boy now and I am done with them.  
Also I need to take a haircut, since my hair keeps coming closer to my eyes. 

To Tucker, flying one of his lego “ship” creations: Does it go upside down or upside up?

I went on a trip with Vanessa and Zane. We went to vacation superhero state. We had to walk all the way there.  And we stayed in tents.  But you can’t go there, only cousins can. 


Sue Kadlca said...

I just read your post and can't stop smiling!! What wonderful ideas and thoughts both of your boys have and how fabulous that you have written them down. Tucker and Tollie are going to have the best time reading their own words when they get older!

Anonymous said...

Your boys are delightful just like you at that age.

Tiffany Townsend said...

I love these. So glad you are writing them down!!