scenes from December

1.  far beyond this day or time of year #decemberprayer
2.  book club holiday dinner
3.  one of my all-time very best gifts
4.  kindergarten craft

5.  for hospice
6.  hoping to help a family feel like it's safe to smile
7.  "That's enough singing." (or caroling gone wrong)
8.  so tender and mild

9.  bedtime books with Aunt Molly***
10.  hammering with cousins at Home Depot
11.  dinner and drinks compliments of La Tavola (eat there and order the scallops!)
12.  quick, quiet run in WV #mountainmama

13.  to the paper thin promise of another new year
14. to wondering whether the light shines on them, or out of them
15.  pool ball
16.  karate kid

*** Molly will make a great mother, and a child will be so lucky to be loved by her and JD.  

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rht said...

Pretty paperwhites, precious moments, and I love the karate kid's smile!