Holy Guacamole

We had tacos for dinner tonight, and with two ripe avocados on the windowsill, we had some work to do for the meal to be complete. And so, cooking class commenced...
There was lots of tasting involved in the preparation.

When they determined that the guacamole was ready to share, I jumped right in. And I could detect a delightful balance of flavor - a hint of lime, the perfect kick of jalapeno, and a hearty portion of the team's effort - in every delicious bite!

So, if you happen to be in the neighborhood, and you happen to have a bag of corn chips with you, stop in for a snack!


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Grandma Jan said...

YUM! What a team ... and what a delicious way to help with dinner!

Now - where is that bag of chips here at the office and how many errands can I run???

Love you all!
Grandma Jan