We had really good intentions of a sweet fall photo shoot which entailed finding lots of squash and gourds and pumpkins to pile around Celia (Andy even threatened to put her in the bin of gourds at the grocery store) for a picture entitled "Gourd-geous."
It didn't ever happen. If it had, be assured you would've seen the photo on this blog. We'll just tuck that idea away for next fall.

So, with another holiday picture idea in mind, we pledged to be on top of it this time. And with football season essentially over, it was a good chance to change the Go Bucks blog header... Here is one of the pictures we did not decide to use in the header. Perhaps the photo shoot wasn't an entirely joyous process for Celia? But, be assured that we had more photos that we could have used than couldn't. And, be assured that we will continue to post lots more holiday-type pictures over the next month or so... And finally, be assured that she really is a bundle of JOY!



Adam and Vicky said...

Celia's "berry" gorgeous!

Nikki said...
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Nikki said...

Very cute. (Sorry about my prior deleted comment. I didn't want you to have to guess who nmd was, though it probably would not be too hard to figure out. I'm new to commenting on blogger.)

Poppy John said...

She's much prettier than that famous actress...Holly Berry.