Rise and Dine

Hoping not to jinx a good thing, but several times recently the newest little Betz has slept through the night (read six or seven hours). Which means his mama has slept. Through the night. Which makes both of us far more pleasant to be around. Our days still open early and close late, they're long and they're full. But sleep helps. Sometimes, after the sun sets, life seems less manageable. And then somehow in the morning, as sunlight sneaks into the sky, things seem possible again. Especially when the rising son - the one who is no longer quite the little living sleep disorder - is greeted through well-rested eyes. Even if he is ravenous.
Sleep and sunshine. This particular combination is a little like hearing your favorite song while eating funnel cake at the county fair, like reading a new book by your favorite author while sipping sweet sun tea on the porch. In other words, sleep and sunshine are a great pair. We'll take a second serving, please.



Christy said...

Amen, sister! I'll second that!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

SLEEP? Poppy John Bad Idea #53

I awoke this morning inside a shopping cart in the WalMart parking lot...had used an Old Milwaukee Light box as a blanket.


The Wendels said...

Keep it up Tucker! A happy mommy is a happy family :)

Unknown said...

Sleep rocks!! So happy to hear you are enjoying some...

Beth Ann said...

Once a baby starts sleeping through the night it's as if the world is back to spinning on its axis again, as if you haven't been standing on your head for the last 5 months. Lots is right with the world again.