Misters Dependent

We captured a precious video of Tucker earlier this weekend, blowing raspberries and eating his toes... and right at the end, we even caught, ahem, an explosive finale, if you will. Andy thought it'd be perfect to share, given the holiday, and had titled the post "Boom." I haven't been successful uploading the video, however. But, I was able to get still pictures of the two little guys of the household together on the Fourth. These boys require a lot of attention; neither is able to do much for himself. Good thing they're cute. And, they're obviously really good at showing affection.



Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Is Tucker EVER ashamed of what he will do for a for a Klondike bar? Just curious.

Christy said...

I'm not showing these adorable pics to Kelvin. He and the kids want a dog sooo badly. I told them I have enough children to take care of right now...no pets please. They are so sweet. Hope your holiday was great!

Pam Sovik said...

I think I notice a wet "bib" on Tuck's shirt. Now I just have to ask; whose slobber IS it?! ;-)