It Takes A Village

Or an army. Or at least a lot of arms. Arms to hold and cuddle, feed and medicate, lift and carry, hug and comfort. While I was away, lots of arms reached out to help - grandmas and aunts, great aunts and long time family friends. Schedules were rearranged, vacation days were taken, and Celie even went to work one day. And although my arms were full of fish - big ones, and lots of them - they felt empty. My arms ached from chopping wood and hauling in a pike as big as my leg, but the ache was gone today (and so was the smell... finally, after 3 showers). It was good to wrap my arms around my little girl.
My arms really ached after snatching this
4.25 lb smallie out of the lake on my fly rod
courtesy of "Sneaky Pete" featured in the
victim's lip - she was, of course, released into
the lake for another lucky angler to enjoy.



Poppy John said...

Andy My Boy,

I'm happy that you had a good time and have returned to the USA. The picture you posted caused me to dream that I had the ability to "download food" from my computer. No joke.


The Wendels said...

Mike would be so jealous! Glad you got some time away :)

rht said...

We're really glad those big fish wishes were granted! And we're glad to lend a hand, or an arm, when it comes to caring for Celia -- who loves her daddy big time.

Joyce Donahue said...

Thank God for such great village members....You look great with that fish........Glad you got to do the testosterone thing. Joyce/Brian