Wine needs time to breathe. Andy knows that as well as any self-taught oenophile. It’s amazing how patient he can be opening a bottle, letting it sit, pouring it in the glass and letting it sit some more, allowing the wine to breathe. People need time to breathe, too. Gone since last Friday, Andy’s been on a week-long date with a lake full of fish in the Canadian wilderness, where I hope the crisp, quiet air has pushed some of the grief out of his lungs, and made room for peace. Where I hope he has been able to breathe deeply. Back at home, we've missed him. We’ve been sending big fish wishes up north. And we’re waiting with baited breath for his safe return.



Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Andy is in Canada? I swear that I saw him yesterday in Gallipolis, riding a moped and wearing lime green Crocs. Makes you wish that you could teleport, huh!


P.S. While in Canada will he visit Tendy?

The Wendels said...

How awesome that Andy was able to go! Jenni, what trip do you have planned?

rht said...

Great piscatorial post, Jenni -- hope Andy caught a fish as big as Tucker, who's looking mighty cute these days.