If finding excuses to share photos of one’s children were a contest, I might be a winner. I tend to believe that if you’ve ever looked at a picture of this girl, or even better - held her in your arms - and you haven’t felt awed, you may be suffering from some sort of awe-deficiency. Or, it might just be that I feel this way because I'm her mom... Regardless, it turns out I’m not the only one who finds Celia, and Celia’s photographs, worth admiring.
Cardthartic, maker of Passages greeting cards, contacted our favorite local photographer, Amy Parrish, with a request for permission to use one of her images of Celia on one of their cards. We were flattered. And then Cardthartic wanted to share Celia's story, wanted to help raise awareness of Batten Disease, in their catazine (the company's catalog/magazine of products and background stories). We were honored. And then they started planning a reception for Celia, where half of the money from each Cardthartic purchase will go directly to BDSRA. We were again flattered, and honored. And we were awestruck.
The Book Loft, in German Village, sells Cardthartic cards and will be hosting the event on the evening of Saturday, September 26th. From what we've heard, there will be snacks and drinks in the courtyard, and plenty of lovely cards for sale. If you live close by, we invite you to join us.
And if you don't live nearby, rest assured that we'll share details of Celia's card on the blog at some point!



The Wendels said...

We can't wait! And, yes, I feel awestruck when I am privileged hold Celia in my arms!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Your "Awestruck" post is "AWESOME."
When we leave West Verginia on the 26th, will we need to bring our passports to get into German Village? Just curious.
Love to all 4
P.S. Last night we feed the dog poprocks...proof that you don't have to spend big $ to have fun!

Friend Family said...

We are totally awestruck and we'll try to be there!

Christy said...

How cool is that!? I wish we lived closer...I would love to come. Your Celia is a beautiful doll. I love the pictures.

Beth Ann said...

I'm putting it on the calendar as soon as I get done here. How wonderful that there will be just one more reminder to the world just how special Celia is!!!

buddhaowen said...

I have of course and absolutely been awestruck by your precious daughter many, many times. I can only imagine how amazing she must be to hold and experience in person. I am so glad to hear that her story and beauty will be spread even further now. I am not at all surprised to hear that she will grace a card now-her beauty is absolutely breathtaking! I only wish that we lived closer, but rest assured that we will be there in spirit and that we are thinking of you and praying for you all always!

Smitty 1, 2 , 3 and 4 said...

That is awesome.