A Message

from our favorite Ironman:

A little over one week has passed since the Ironman and I am starting to feel like myself again. I was incredibly honored to have raced on behalf of Celia Betz and thanks to all of you we raised $10,000 for the Care For Celia Fund and BDSRA.

The Ironman was a challenge that taught me some very valuable life lessons, some of those being perseverance, dedication and inner strength. Mostly the race reminded me that through love and support all of us can conquer the unimaginable. This quote by Lance Armstrong says it best, “That pain is temporary. It may last a minute, or an hour, or a day, or a year, but eventually it subsides. And when it does, something else takes its place, and that thing might be called a greater space for happiness. We have unrealized capacities that only emerge in crisis - capacities for enduring, for living, for hoping, for caring, for enjoying. Each time we overcome pain, I believe that we grow.”

Even though my race is over I encourage everyone to continue to support Celia, the Betz Family and the Batten Disease Support and Research Association. Thank you again.

Mandy Burlile

Mandy spread Celia's story far and wide. Her capacity for caring is as big as her Ironman achievement. In our world, riddled with Batten Disease darkness, Mandy has been a light. Many of you reading supported Mandy, and our family, through her efforts. You lighten our heavy and brighten our way. Thank you.



Poppy John said...

"A Message"...

All week I've had, "SO PROUD OF MANDY" on my scrolling message belt buckle!

Love to all 4
and Mandy Burlile

Anonymous said...

First, way to go Mandy! You rock.

Second, does Poppy John really have a scrolling belt buckle?

buddhaowen said...

What an incredible accomplishment-congrats to Mandy! I'm so pleased to hear that she was successful not onlyt in the race, but also in raising so much awareness of Celia's story. The $10,000 is pretty incredible too!!!

Ahne SD said...

Thank you for sharing.

Pain is Temporary