Can It

Today makes Celia two and a half years old.  Can it be true that thirty months have passed since she was bundled and placed into our arms, since she slid immediately and perfectly and fully into our hearts.

I wish, over the past couple years, I could have captured every bit of her into jars, to line up on shelves for reminiscing in the future.  I wish I could have canned her baby default setting, the one that left her easy to please and thrilled by everything.  I wish I could have poured into containers her shimmering personality, her happy clapping and constant chatter.  I wish I could bottle the way she smells, the way she emanates innocence.  I wish I could preserve the way it feels to hold her in my arms.


Adam and Vicky said...
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Adam and Vicky said...

And she's sweeter than fruit preserves.

Poppy John said...

Often, when someone is telling me a story, all that I can think about is for them to finish so that I can tell them my own story, that's not only BETTER but also directly involves ME. However, Jenni Baby, your "story posts" are always interesting, beautiful and filled with love. I am certain that your heart is lined with shelves and stacked full of jars, cans, bottles and containers.

P. S. I was broke last night...so I stayed in the bathroom of a classy restaurant and passed out paper towels for about an hour for tips...another free meal!