Child of Blessing

Child of blessing, child of promise
Baptized with the Spirit's sign.
With this water, God has sealed you
Unto love and grace divine.*
On Sunday, Tucker was welcomed into the church.  He donned the same baptismal gown his daddy and his Uncle Adam and his big sister wore. Each of their initials were embroidered on the slip underneath, along with those of other family members who have worn the dress.
During the service, Tucker was well-behaved.  He smiled as he was carried down the aisle past family and friends, but he did not wave hello to the congregation like his sister did at his age.  One of our ministers invited the young people forward, and allowed the baptism to serve as part of the children's lesson.  She explained that Celia has been sick, and that Tucker would need all of them to act as big brothers and sisters to him.  It was perfect.  He is perfect.
*This hymn was written by Ronald S. Cole-Turner, who was born in 1948 into a minister's family and grew up in Ohio.


Christy said...

That's beautiful!

My name is Heather. said...

I love the embroidery of the initials of everyone who has worn the gown. That's a really neat idea. Does someone in your family do the needlework?

rht said...

Every aspect of Tucker's special Sunday seemed like a gift from God!

Poppy John said...

Sunday was wonderful...
As a gift, I will buy him a Play School "Busy Ball Popper"...if he will let me play with it too! Please buy it and let me know how much. Thanks in advance.


P.S. Last night, I only drank up half of my first Social Security check...I believe that being able to stop at half makes ME a responsible senior citizen.

Beth Ann said...

Congratulations to Tucker and all of you as well. You have so many blessings "tucked" inside that sweet little guy!

P.S. Tell Poppy John he is in luck. We just happen to have a Busy Ball Popper in VERY good used condition; just needs new batteries. We'll let Tucker have a new one, and PJ can have ours. Shall I arrange a courier or ship it by way of snail mail??? My treat since $ is tight after drinking his SS check!!!

Poppy John said...

Beth Ann,

As you know, Tucker is 6 months old...he will not be able to tell...I want the "new" one.
Thank you,
Poppy John