In the Air

Tucker and Colby and I took a walk today.  On porches were perched pumpkins, prepared to welcome beggars later this week.  We stopped at the bottom of the hill, to swing at the park and to eat grass.  The sun was shining and the leaves, at their peak, fluttered around us like golden glitter.  It was palpable, the sense that the end of October is near.

Trick or Treating is not on our family's agenda this year.  Tucker has a costume, and we may put it on him, if we need another excuse to take pictures of him.  And we could dress Celia up too, like WonderWoman or a butterfly, like an astronaut or a lady bug.  But we won't.  It wouldn't matter what costume we chose for her. She will fly.



rht said...

Celia is a treat no matter what she wears! Given his attraction to your fireplace, I think Tucker should be a chimney sweep for Halloween... he's already full of tricks!

Adam and Vicky said...

You can tell Tucker is enjoying the leaves. And I love how Colby hangs close.

Poppy John said...

Celia is the most beautiful butterfly in the world.
And Tucker...just cut out all of the crap in the middle and put the candy straight into his mouth...beats the heck out of fall leaves.


Sad but true... I think that Polly(our cat)ate my seamonkeys.

The Shelton Family said...

Celia's story would be moving regardless of who told it, but you truly tell it in a heartwarming and poetic manner. I never cease to be amazed with your way with words Jenny.


The Shelton Family said...

Sorry...I meant Jenni. I can't believe I did that.