Twenty Seven

This guy may be Tressel's first verbal commitment for the class of 2027.  Can you hear it now, "Touchdown by Tucker Betz"?

Thanks in advance to Eddie George for unretiring jersey number 27.  Tucker needs a shirt.

Tucker is prognosticating his own 2031 NFL draft pick - number one.

Or, if Tucker decides not to play football, that's fine.  He can dot the I.
Andy & Jenni


Poppy John said...

Andy My Boy and Jenni Baby,

Do they dot the "I" at M.I.T.?
Just curious.


It's a wonderful day...killed two birds with one stone...unclogged the toilet AND located my missing wallet!

Adam and Vicky said...

Tucker sure is growing fast! Love how cute he is!

Amy said...

I'll start looking for a baby sousaphone for him!