Baking Spirits Bright

It’s interesting, how closely emotions can be related.  This is evidenced in Tucker on a daily basis – depending on a variety of things, including how tired he is, a big chuckle can turn into a fast sob. We experience it, too. We’ve written before how something so happy can make us so sad, and how laughter through tears can be the best emotion.
We have a long list of things we want for Christmas, none of them store bought or handmade -- to shake the instinct to hyperparent Tucker, for it not to be necessary to plan a funeral, that Tucker will have tucked away, forever, some memories of his sister, for Celia not to hurt... What we wanted most for Christmas, what we’ve waited years for, was that look on a little face, the wide-eyed wonderment, the joyful surprise.  We won’t get that this year.  At least not in the way we'd imagined.

But Santa knew what Celia might have wanted for her third Christmas; Santa also knew that although she wouldn’t be able to enjoy it, other children would. So he delivered it, early, to the church nursery.  And from  the report we were given, there was some wide-eyed wonder, some joyful surprise.  So far we've only heard stories and seen photographs, but we’re prepared, eager, in fact, to see other children use the kitchen, expecting that our emotions may be a bit tangled when we do.  We’re pleased with Santa’s generosity on Cel's behalf though, and we’re confident that the gift will make lots of little nurserygoers’ spirits bright, this holiday season and for years to come.  Today, seeing the kitchen being enjoyed is making us smile. 


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
What a WONDERFUL gift...Santa does good work!


Do you remember when you and Kate Baby were nursery school age and...we SHOULD have gone to the grocery store...instead, the three of us made pancakes to use as sandwhich bread? Best lunch ever!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful gift.

The Shelton Family said...

That is awesome...way to go Santa!!

Adam and Vicky said...

I imagine all the nursery kids are smiling big! Santa was very thoughtful.

zubers said...

What a thoughtful and beautiful gift for so many!