Dark Chocolate Peppermint

I wasn't sure that Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream left any room for improvement. 
But I've discovered that it tastes even better shared.



Grandma Jan said...

I think Tucker wins the prize for the face of Christmas joy! I hope Colby was close by for the clean up crew!

Unknown said...

I love this pic!

Melissa said...

Smiles, just big giant smiles

esmoore_4 said...

that precious smiling face made my day...thank you Tucker:) hugs from southern kin!!!!! & love to all.

Poppy John said...

Andy My Boy and Jenni Baby,
I can tell already...as he gets older, you will need more than a Tide Pen to keep that boy clean!


P.S. While at Taco Bell yesterday, I got mistaken for a cardboard cutout. "Hello, rock bottom. My name is John. Nice to meet you."