At the park, where she rested in the stroller with her feet propped on the lap bar, I could see from far across the lawn her bright pink socks peeking out.  As I wrangled her brother a bit closer to her shady spot, I spied a fiery tendril creeping between the fabric in the back and, with the help of the wind, giving a flamboyant wave.
She can't play with us at the park, but she's there with us. 
She'll always be where we are, even when she's not.


Christy said...

Yes, she will.

Melissa said...

I am sure you felt it, this will be one of THOSE memories, one of the ones that sticks with you, that sustains you. Thank you for sharing.

Debi said...

So true! She will forever be in your hearts.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Takristinmy said...

I am sure that she can feel your love deep inside her. You are doing such an incredible job as mom, providing her with all your love. And that's the most important.

Thank you so much for sharing these moments with us. Will pray for your family.

May God bless your family,