Father Nurture

Andy takes good care of our family.  Most of the time he surrenders his own needs so effortlessly I bet he wouldn't even consider it a sacrifice.  But it is.  He foregoes golf and instead serves as caddie to his own little people, attendant to plush balls, pill bottles, story books and wooden blocks.  He fishes infrequently, sparing the rod he opts to spend time cuddling kids in the hammock and looking at "panes" in the sky and talking about the shapes the clouds take; from our very own backyard he casts love far beyond its intended spot.  He puts his preferred dinner menu on the back burner and, in place of his true gourmand, plays a short order cook who's willing to whip up whatever the rest of us want.
 CEB, Father's Day 2008 -- and TEB, Father's Day 2010

I marvel at this man, at his ability to be the father who his children need, and the partner who I don't deserve.  At the way he forgives my impatience and irritability, recognizing that I’m usually just yearning for Celia, or sleep, when I'm cross with him.  I marvel at how our hands fit together, like a jigsaw puzzle, pieces perfectly cut for each other.  At the way, when he steps into the room, my heart still rises to meet him.  He softens the edges around hard times, makes good moments even better, and sustains our family in so many ways.


The Wendels said...

Happy Father's Day, Andy...if anyone has earned it, its you!

Poppy John said...

Andy is so cool! When I was his age, my life was one miscalculation away from being a bad country music song.


Unknown said...

I stumbled upon this blog via Market Mommies. My business is listed (Brianne's Basics). What remarkable parents you are. I do a lot of volunteering & charity work. But I honestly don't know if I could do all you do. I have 3 kids. We do our charity work in honor of a friend's trisomy baby Cameron. But Celia will be in our prayers as well. Just like Cameron, she's a beautiful angel on Earth.


Adina BDSRA said...

Jen and Andy,

Just wanted to say this was beautiful...I cried sitting at my desk thinking of you and your kids. I certainly hope you had a tremendous Father's Day with each other. Blessings!


Debi said...

You are truly and amazing man, husband and Daddy.
You have been blessed with an incredible wife and two beautiful children. You have also been delt and incredibly difficult circumstance with your precious daughter and have led your family with grace and strength and love that is an example to many.
Praying for peace and strength and hope and faith for your journey.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Aunt Linda said...

Look at these beautiful kids! Andy, I think perhaps Father's Day was invented for just such people as you...I'm in awe...