Special Wish

The outdoor bench is long enough for her to stretch out on and wide enough for us to lie next to her.  It has a thick, soft cushion, which has already been wiped clean of plum juice and soiled prints and pizza sauce, because the bench happens to be just the right height for Tucker to scale and join her, too.  Perfect, really.
After more than a year of deliberating and declining we made a wish for her.  And we'd like to believe that she's pleased.  Speech has long departed her, but her smiles, especially the big ones on her new backyard bench, will forever echo in the marrow of our bones.


Nick and Erin said...

This is simply...precious.

Adam and Vicky said...

Smiles . . .

The Wendels said...

I'm so glad that one of your wishes will be granted!

Christy said...


Poppy John said...

I think you have excellent bone marrow!


Last night...
10pm-once again,they were talking about Grandma Sandy on my police scanner.
11pm-Grandma Sandy called "shotgun" while walking to the squadcar.

Debi said...

Perfect!!! Her smile says it all. Enjoy each moment that you can cuddle with your precious girl, Celia.

Groves said...

Oh, oh, oh this makes my heart hurt.

In the good way, in the best way

but it hurts.

God, it hurts so much.

Imagine *your* feelings. And I do.

Rain in Missouri,