Don't Touch

He picked up dog poop in the backyard.
He wants to unload knives from the dishwasher.
He is fascinated by the buttons on stereo equipment.
As much as he hears You may look, but please don't touch, Tuck deserves some special tactile activities.  He asks to play with these dry beans several times a day.  
There are things we just won't let him touch, but there is no doubt this child is in touch with joy.


rht said...

And the joy he shares with us is...
"Amazing. Wow!"

"Bess" (God bless you)

Debi said...

Yup... If it's forbidden, it's enticing! Glad that you found a good distractor.
what a cute Joy Boy!

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,
When you put on your shoe and find some of those beans in it...just remember, that being around toddlers is like being around short hammered people.
Poppy John's Life Insights(PJLI) #14...the police will never think that it's as funny as you do.