Walk for Celia

What can I spare? What will it take?
I'm intrigued by the difference between these questions.  Most people are prone to share spare cash and spare time.  I’ve admittedly felt generous when I’ve done that.   But I realize, at least for me, better giving would start with some thought about what is necessary.

I am aware of one infantile Batten Disease research study, a very promising three-pronged therapy, that currently requires $750,000 for a six month toxicity review to gain FDA approval.   $750,000 is a lot, and that's only one project.  It's going to take a lot to beat Batten.  Maybe more than any of us have to give.  But most of us have something to spare.

Each year Batten Disease thrusts the extended members of another thirty-plus families into mourning.  I'll tell you what none of us can spare. Another child.

If you're able to share five dollars and a Sunday afternoon, please consider joining Celia and her friends from The Ohio State University's Medical Intensive Care Unit at Antrim Park on November 21st.  They organized a walk for Celia last year, and raised nearly $800, which was donated to BDSRA (and then doubled through a matching grant!).  They're hoping for an even bigger crowd this year.  The MICU is asking for a five dollar donation to BDSRA, which can be made the day of the walk, but there is no official registration to participate.  The event begins at one o'clock, near the large wooden dock, with four laps around the lake as the goal.  Pets are welcome, encouraged even.  Drinks and snacks will be provided afterward.

Note: Because we already had plans for Nov 21st, Andy and I will not be able to attend the walk this year.  If she's feeling well and it's not too cold, Celia will be there with aunts and grandparents.  And if he's behaving, Colby might be there, too.

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