If it stretches my tolerance for mess, he'll play for inordinate lengths of time.
If it requires my patience and supervision, he'll find new ways to assert his independence.
If it offends my aesthetic sensibilities, it is his favorite.
If he is happy, so am I.


Poppy John said...

Apparently you where playing with your mommy's cell phone(the one with shaving cream all over it)when you called me at 7:10 this AM. Nice to hear from you!


Fact: Nothing good ever happens to Grandma Sandy after 50 cent beer night at the bowling alley.

The Wendels said...


Maybe you can let Mommy come play at Molly's house because she likes the neater activites like coloring and I love shaving cream (but she doesn't). Want to switch sometime?

Miss Mary

Christy said...

Ooh, thanks for the reminder about the fun of shaving cream. Cora has been so cute this week discovering all the pretties of Christmas decorations. I bet she'll love shaving cream!

Debi said...

Awe.. the joys of new experiences! I have seen fun like this with whipped cream but with shaving cream!!!!? Somebody has been watching Daddy and wants to be like him!
Praying for moments of joy in your days,
Love and hugs and prayers,