Not Me

"Pick up me," he requests. "Me hold it," he demands. "Me color," he announces. He doesn't yet have his pronouns straight, but his egocentric labeling arrived right on time.
He has no idea that what's inside his head is different than what’s inside mine. If he likes peas, I should too. If he wants to play ball, the dog should too. If he wants to watch 'toons, Daddy should too.
He is too vernal to discern verbal order or to apply proper function words.  It may be too early for him to realize there are other minds, other opinions.  Is he, though, too young to know that anything’s wrong?
Maybe he doesn't know, but what I know is that when he's with her he doesn't seem to think about himself quite as much.


zarniegall said...

I wonder if the boyz understand about much less things than what she is going through...all I can tell is that he loves her...so much...and I just hope he carries her in his heart forever...thinking and praying for you and your family : )

Christy said...

Every. single. time. I see a picture of those two together, my heart is happy. What a beautiful gift they are for one another.

Poppy John said...

Me love them both.

Poppy John

P.S. Grandma Sandy invested her entire 401k in NASCAR collector plates.

Beth Ann said...

I really do believe that little ones have a "sixth sense". They seem to sense when a person isn't sincere or kind and as in Tucker's case, sense when someone is a bit more fragile and needs special love. Never underestimate the feeling and giving of pure love from a child's heart. Tucker knows.

Debi said...

I agree with Beth Ann, Tucker does in his heart know the love and tenderness that Celia needs. He is being taught huge life lessons by his beautiful sister. Praying each memory will be treasured in his heart.
Love and hugs and prayers,

Carrie said...

That last picture brought tears to my eyes.