Take Me

"My watch baseball game... wook at all doze people!"
I took Tucker to his first baseball game today.  I think I saw a total of 10 pitches.  He thoroughly enjoyed himself though.

I remember my first baseball game with my dad - the Reds lost to the Braves.  Tuck won't remember this game but I will never forget it.


Poppy John said...

Andy My Boy,
Tucker will ALWAYS remember it as "the day we went to that big place that sells hotdogs".


Andy, will you be available to help me carry Grandma Sandy into the house next Wednesday?

The Wendels said...

Mike & Alec were just discussing Alec's first ballgame, Mike could account for every detail but Alec couldn't remember a thing!

Joyce Donahue said...

What great guy stuff!

Adam and Vicky said...

So fun!