Gets to Go

There is none of the stale “I can’t believe my baby is going to school.”  None of that, which I find particularly irritating and only slightly relatable.  There's just pride and gratitude.  Our little boy is growing, and gets to go to school.  There is certainly some anxiety mingled with the delight, and a lot of please take care of him whispering in my wake.  But mainly there is gratefulness.
He took a bite of apple before he could share it with his teacher.  Oops.


Poppy John said...

"I have never let schooling interfere with my education."
Mark Twain


Miriam said...

Sharing is caring :) Where did you get the backpack? I've seen them somewhere, but my memory is failing me.

Anne Caughey said...

I know. I get so frustrated when people complain about their children growing up, or going to school, or any of those things, when I just wish so hard Naomi could do those things too. I always say it isn't sad when children grow up, it is sad when they don't grow up.
Beautiful boy. Best wishes on your next beautiful boy too.
-Anne Caughey

Andy and Jenni said...

Miriam, the monkey bag is SkipHop. We ordered it online a couple years ago, but the brand seems to be available all over the place now. I like the penguin, too :)
Anne, I've missed our e-mails. Would love an update on Naomi... maybe we'll see you in December? I'll message you soon!

Miriam said...

That's it! Thanks! I'm partial to the elephant, since W is obsessed with them.

MzLiz said...

I agree that it is a thrill to see one's children grow and spread their wings. I've never related to those who don't want their kids to grow up. Children are a joy at every age and stage.