One of the Nicest Days

Mother Nature reached her long arm into the future, plucked one of the nicest days, and dropped it -impossibly perfect- right on top of central Ohio.  A beautiful, borrowed break from the season, this morning was surprisingly warm.  With a come-hither gleam, the mild weather called for us to be in it.  
Sunshine twined in the stray curls that stuck out blonde beneath Tuck's hat.  And as we held hands on an unhurried, unworried adventure, our fingers twined too, tight with love and loose with life.


rht said...

Was Tucker, by any chance, wearing layered bathing suits beneath his booted ensemble? ;>

Poppy John said...

If Tucker did dress himself...
does his blue hat have a yellow "M" on the back?
Is the OSU shirt just a trick?
I worry about that boy!


Suzie Bruner said...

Gotta love that decidedly serious tongue hanging out of Tuck's mouth - must've been a hard jump. Glad he's sharing hats with his little brother already!