Grand Child

While Andy was out of town enjoying baseball with his buddies, Tucker spent time with grandparents.  With RoRo and Grandpa Rod he waded in creeks and picnicked at the park and charmed RoRo's longtime friend Joce.  Then he spent a couple days at Grandma Jan and Grandpa Tim's, climbing trees and searching for treasure with cousin Zessa.  And we just returned from Poppy John's house, where he caught fish and threw rocks and played ball with the new puppy.
I know there are well-loved grandchildren across the globe, but I feel like he's one of the luckiest little boys on the planet.
I think he might feel that way, too.


KB said...

I love that he's always got a great big smile on his face. :) His joy for everything in life just shines!

Anonymous said...

He is VERY lucky. My son has grandparents who are take only a passing interest in him. I can think of few things sadder...

Anonymous said...

Typo...take out the "are"
Geez...tired moms can't type