more May, from Instagram

1. catching fish with poppy
2. another jumper nap
3. old picture of cel from tuck's teacher
4. "push me faster"
5. mama's boy
6. hiking with daddy
7. dinner date
8. sampling the strawberries
9. loving aunt kate
10. worn out
11. rock climbing
12. fountains and flowers
13. picnic menu: toes
14. well visit: healthy
15. neighborhood "big truck" tour
16. rest period at the pool
 17. attempt number I lost count
18. motorcycle garage building with JD (via mh)
19. yard work
20. he shoots


Aunt Linda said...

A big shout out to JD (#18)...making the blog is tantamount to appearing on Sesame Street! :-)

Andy and Jenni said...

Tucker LOVED having Uncle JD here! You heard that he asked us, the next night, to "go back with your friends so JD can sit benext to me on my bed."

Beth Ann said...

I've never seen your camera with you when you're hanging with us girls, but is it always somehow secretly attached to your body and retracts when not needed? You have great shots from what seems to be everywhere you go : )

Tiffany said...

Oh how I wish I had instagram! These are so joyful. Love them.

Sue Kadlac said...

I love that Tucker says "benext to me." Our grandson used to say "amn't" for I'm not! We never corrected him because it was so sweet! Outgrew it too fast!

Christy said...

Carleigh LOVED the Johnny Jumper. I'm surprised her thighs stayed so chunky for as much time as she spent in that thing! She also caught a nap or two in it. I love all your Instagrams. I really need to figure out how to use it.