The time has long since vanished when a family’s very survival depended on hunting and gathering or planting and reaping.  A warm breeze, the rich scent of perfectly ripe fruit, birdsong, blue sky and good company are all pleasant reminders that our lives are still inextricably linked to the land.
 It ought to go without saying that I'd pick these two over and over again.


rht said...

Jenni, as much as you like strawberries, that's really saying something! ;)
Grandpa Rod's first job ever was picking strawberries, and he used the money he earned to help buy his french horn.

Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

I remember the first time we took you and Kate Baby berry picking. We were there about 7 hours...and only had 4 uneaten berries when we got to the checkout shed. Kate Baby wanted to stay....forever.


tumbleweedgirl said...

i wanted to stop in and say i'm still thinking of you guys, praying for you. we've been at sea with our own dna issues lately, and i hadn't been back to read since before mother's day.

your words take away my breath, they give life to my tears. the mixture of joy, peace, and grief you share is healing.

McKenna said...

Gorgeous photos and who wouldn't pick those two? So sweet!

Groves said...

Tollie looks to be on-the-brink-of-REALLY-on-the move...

Tucker, get ready.

For FUN.

So sweet,

Cathy in Missouri