Crib Notes

Tollie is asleep in his crib, worn out from growing up. 
Someday, maybe, he'll find these words, written on the eve of seven months.
My wide eyed, two-teeth wonder,
Yesterday I held you against a hospital gown and next week you’ll be standing on a skateboard.  In what seems like a single blink you're pulling up, smacking kisses, learning to wave.  This week, your father has been telling people that you're DNC (darn near crawling).  Your brother has been giving you lessons.
You like being naked. And banging on things. You love to eat. And to be held. You snap into your spot on my right hip, my body having evolved once again to accommodate your growth.  You cling to my shoulder, my little primate, and we dance about cooking meals and sorting laundry, your torso tucked against my ribs, your convex tummy the exact shape of my waist.  We move through most days as one. When we’re not physically connected, your voice travels to me like a tin-can telephone. The early morning soft song, the energetic squeals, the attention-seeking gagaga, the drowsy bedtime babbling, syllables that aren’t really language yet, but still, I get the message. And it feels like a thousand kisses.
You're awesome, James Tolliver.  And not in the casual way it gets tossed around, but in the truest sense of the word.  Awesome.  It is absolutely amazing to witness you grow, to see you blossom in mundane yet marvelous ways.  I catch myself wondering whether, all along, you'd been sitting out there in our future, waiting for us to find you. 
We're so glad you're here.  You help us spend life smiling. 


Maggie said...

He is seriously one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. His facial expressions throughout the blog are hilarious!

The Wendels said...

I've met my fair share of babies and you are, by far, one of the happiest. Yesterday as us Mommas sat around the patio table your smile infected us all while your piercing joy filled our hearts. When it was time to head home there was a silence, more of a vacancy left as your grand personality traveled home to nap.

You are a blessing not only to your family but to the world! I see a great man in the chocolate syrup of your eyes and I'm eager to watch your endless zest slowly infiltrate all those you continue to meet.

Tommie said...

His smile is infectious, even through pictures. He's such a beautiful little boy. And your words to him are so full of love, of wonder. This is just a lovely post.

Groves said...

You snap into your spot on my right hip

your voice travels to me like a tin-can telephone

still, I get the message. And it feels like a thousand kisses.


What could I possibly add to that?

Darling James Tolliver!

You *darling*.

Cathy in Missouri