Together we’ve grown a history, a family, laugh lines, perspective.
There's a Morse code of married in the way I catch an I love you smile tossed at my feet and recognize it as a plea for me to do the bath-books-bedtime routine, in the way our eyes meet at a dinner party, telegraphing time to go, in the way a hand stretches under covers in silent apology.
Ten 29ths later, my hands meet in the same spot behind his back as I lean in for a kiss.  His lips taste like sunshine, just like every summer, just like they did when we were sixteen and sneaking kisses at the swimming pool.  I’m so glad we picked each other for all these days.



Groves said...

Coming to ask for a picture of your pretty new "do" since the the donation - and here, this.

Happy, happy, happy Anniversary.

Meant to be.

Cathy in Missouri

Baloniers said...

What a fantastic picture... And how it makes us miss you more!! Congratulations on ten years of marriage! Xo the Baloniers

rht said...

Powerless to post about what happy memories your ten years (plus) have given us until this evening... we are glad you picked each other too!

Miriam said...

To many more years...enjoy your 10th like the 1st :)

Debi said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Many blessings to you and Andy!
Love and hugs and prayers,