It has become tradition for Grandma Jan to change our babies out of their jammies and into the baptismal gown.  
On Sunday we formally accepted the responsibility of training Tolliver in the practice of faith.  Emphasis on the word practice.  Nothing challenges a belief system like some of the worst stuff on earth, but faith certainly allows, if not encourages, the ability to move forward despite doubt.
Children seem to learn about religion, like so many other things, through osmosis.  Fortunately our boys are surrounded by people who love them and will lead them in the way.  Some of the surest proof of God, for me, is this very support system.
The message on Sunday focused on family, and it was one of those times when the sermon ran straight out of the sanctuary, when church left the building and the gospel found feet.  Amid mouthfuls of Andy's smoked brisket and in between nibbling on fat baby cheeks, more than once someone referenced the words we'd heard that morning.  We are so grateful that Tollie is Part of the Family.
 RoRo made Tollie a pillow to commemorate the day.
We added a fifth silver baby cup to our family's collection.
Some of the surest proof of a good party?  A naked little boy, full of sugar, sopping wet and donning accessories.
As grateful as we are that this little one is part of the family, we are equally grateful for the larger family we are all part of.


Nick and Erin said...

Congratulations, Tollie, on your baptism! Baptisms are my most favorite of celebrations...

rht said...

Love this post! Tollie may have the most expressive eyebrows I've ever seen....

McKenna said...

So beautiful, what a lucky little boy Tollie is.

Linda K. said...

What a blessed family!