Photos from (M)iPhone

1.  Tollie eats carrots.
2.  Layer Cakery: Good to hospice, good to eat.
3.  Ten inches. Donated.
4.  Both Tollivers. Baptized.
5.  Time to sew.
6.  Pizza "delivery," per request.  (This might not work once he learns to read.)
 7.   Time for work.
8.  Time for play.
9.  Two Tollivers, hotel napping.  (via rht)
10.  Early morning toons.
11.  Dressed for church, vintage family romper.
12.  Bearing rings.  And frogs.
 13.  Columbus Commons with cousins.
14.  Tollie says "ga."
15.  Mmm, mashed blueberries.
16.  Drinking buddies. (via mkstahl)
17.  Feeding ducks with Daddy.
18.  Cheers, to ten years.


rht said...

Yes -- CHEERS!

Aunt Linda said...

Molly and I have pots of 10-year-old mint! :)

McKenna said...

Hotel naps are the best and cheers!