There are round blue snowflake stickers making a "path” up the wooden stairs.  I know, Mama, stickers are only for paper please. Next time I need to put stickers on the floor I will ask for permission.  But I was counting the steps!

There is a tiny orange baby bottle in the refrigerator, right beside his blue milk cup. It’s for my baby. It’s her bedtime juice. She likes to drink it cold. 

There is, suddenly, a naked doll under my feet. That's my Bonnie. She's on the other side of the ocean and I am swimming to get her! 

There is a wood block "town building" five stories tall right in front of the dresser, laundry piled nearby because there's not room for the drawers to open.  Daddy will want to see that when he gets home from work.  He likes to see my constructions. Then and only then we will knock it down.

There are clothes everywhere.  Socks by the door because they’re too slippery and pants next to the chair that whys they were making me too hot.

There is blue painter's tape on the dining room floor, a row of small decorative geese lined up along one section, blocking traffic.  The cars have to stop for the animals.  That whys we can't put them away right now.  They have to wait for the geese to cross.

There is company coming for dinner.  I can't bring myself to undo most of Tuck's efforts and, fortunately, I'm pretty sure they won't mind.


The Wendels said...

I love listening to his mind.

rht said...

"You don't teach creativity -- you ALLOW it."

Joe Wayman

courtney said...

that whys he is so cute!

Adam and Vicky said...

Made me think of a quote too!

“A creative mess is better than idle tidiness.”
~Michael J. Fox

Groves said...

Amen - all the above.


You. Are. Something.


Tiffany said...

He is truly amazing. I love your Tuck stories.

And can Tollie hand me a gear with that chubby little hand please??

In love with your boys.