Tollie waves a lot.  Like he waves at my coffee cup on the counter and at the metal rooster on top of the armoire.  He twists his hand, which looks snapped on at the wrist, so that it usually seems more like he's waving to himself, his palm open toward his own face.  He raises his whole arm high, and instead of saying "hi" he makes an "sss" sound.  Maybe it's his way of asking 'what's this?'.  Any object worth identifying gets a wave, sometimes repeatedly - the thermostat, the faucet, the pumpkin on the front porch.  More than once though, when his hand is above his head and his voice is hissing, I've thought he might be talking to his sister.


McKenna said...

I would love to think that he is too and I hope they always talk to her and that she is waving right back.

rht said...

Hi Tollie,

Ssss-ssss. I'm waving back at you and smiling.