Our planet is full, too full, of obvious and widespread suffering.   There are a thousand worries in the world, and certainly some in every home.  And yet so many people shared ours today.  So many people showed up rich with the very thing we need most, the hope that someday there will be a cure.
Part of the family gathered for what should probably become a traditional pre-walk carb-loading meal on Saturday night.
People came from across Ohio and West Virginia, from New York and North Carolina, Illinois and Florida.  And folks sent love and prayers and generous donations from all over the country.
Girl Scout troop 2196 from Canal Winchester
Kate's colleagues from OSU's Medical Intensive Care Unit, who continue to plan every detail of the event, are incredibly talented and amazingly generous. 
Tucker and some of his friends waved to Celia while others were walking (photo by mkw)

We haven't received notification of the final total raised, and we doubt we've gathered photographs from every source.  We do know that there are still shirts for sale, and donations (specific to this fundraiser) will continue to be collected through mid-week (but are always welcomed by BDSRA!).
Someday there will be a cure. 


Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

Good people...good time...good post...great cause!


Adam and Vicky said...

While looking from beyond, I'm sure Celia was smiling that beautiful smile of hers. Almost daily Vanessa loves to talk about what Celia might be doing. Celia is almost always in our thoughts.