Variations on a Theme

Tuck likes to jump on the bed and bounce off the walls.  And run.  Every iteration of every game involves running.

As soon as Andy walks in from work, Tucker asks him to play the shark game. And then the bat eye (bad guy?) game.   And tag.  And the sharkball game and the alligator game.  All of the games have rules – stopping and starting places, certain courses to follow, specific props.  And all of the games boil down to this: let’s run in circles and you try to catch me.

The thing about parenting a three year old is that they require a high level of energy.  And steadfast patience.  Fortunately his father has both.
And fortunately Tucker has, for the first time, showed interest in coloring.  Which hasn't, yet, involved running.

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Beth Ann said...

Yep, been there. Now the running has turned into wrestling. My four boys and their moves would make WWF superstars jealous. Just you wait Jenni...