Be gentle.

I feel like I say it a hundred times a day.
That ornament is very fragile, please be gentle.  
The leaves of this plant are delicate so you'll need to touch it gently.  
Be gentle with your brother. 
I'm not sure whether the boys hear me, but I kind of hope the calendar and the clock and the universe are listening.

Be gentle, 2013.  Please.


Christy said...

I agree. Hugs!

Sue Kadlac said...

To Jenni & Andy,
Your boys are adorable and are surely gentle on the inside. May this new year hold more smiles than tears as well as comfort and peace as you navigate the rough spots.
Celia is with you always.
Sue Kadlac

Tiffany said...

If 2013 is not gentle to you, I'll kick it's ass. I work out.

Unknown said...