Second Island, Second Time

We honeymooned in Virgin Gorda, falling in love with the island as we fell in love with being married.
Since we were practically almost already there, we hopped on a tiny plane and headed over from San Juan.  We'd been promising each other we'd go back for years.  And then Celia got sick and we spent nights with her, sharing tears instead of our own bed.  When she died our pact pretty much grew wings.
The only way our time in Virgin Gorda could've felt more like heaven were if she'd been there.
The Baths, giant boulders brought to the surface by volcanic eruptions, at Devil's Bay.
More creatures for Tucker.



Poppy John said...

Jenni Baby,

What a cool place! I'm going to try to steal some money from Grandma Sandy and visit.


P.S. Lovin' the sunglasses and black "Chucks".

rht said...

I keep going back to look at these pictures of beautiful places, blissful time, the looks on your faces, but until now I haven't commented -- guess I've been speechless!