like most parents

We want our boys to know the most important bit, the thing above all else, is to do the best they can.  We want them to know when to say yes.  To know when to wear black socks and when to ask for directions.  To know how to make a bed and how to make a little kid laugh, how to change a flat tire and how to write a love note.  To realize that feelings like loss and sorrow don’t separate them from the world, but bind them to it and to each other.  To learn from each other and to love each other.  We want them to be kind and to be silly.  To understand that making a difference is more important than making a point, and that if they make a difference their point will be clear.  To use their hands and to raise their voices.  
We know they might raise some eyebrows and maybe even some hell.  We know there is no right way to raise them, but we want to do our best.



The Wendels said...

I'm really jealous that not only do you have two amazing boys but also two Kitchen Aid mixing bowls!

Christy said...

You're doing a splendid job, my friend.