Fun things to do

I mentioned in the previous post that Tuck collected a few grubs from the yard.  He corralled them in a special spot yesterday, surrounded by a rock fence and labeled with the chalk letters G-R-O-B.  He included ivy leaves propped like umbrellas for shade, with graham crackers and nice juicy roots to eat.  And also, a comparably enormous softball nearby, in case they wanted to play.  At one point I found myself sitting cross-legged on the front porch, reading aloud from a library book with a lap full of grubs.  Because they're growing into chafers and they need food and water and naps and fun things to do.

It rained today, so we spent the morning inside at COSI.  Tucker picked circuits from the menu at the Gadget Cafe and he became borderline obsessed with an ancient recording device in the Progress exhibit appliance store.
He can spend an hour with a bucket of paper clips and a big bar magnet, or an afternoon making sounds with metal and glass and plastic and wood.
Tuck reminded us, more than once this afternoon, that worms come out when it's wet, so I'm trying to gear up for rain boots and shovels and earthworm storytime tomorrow.

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