This weekend saw what was, hopefully, the last act of winter.  And there are plenty of things I could say about spring, about the way Tuck describes the pear blossoms with "it looks like there's popcorn up in those trees" and how he became best friends forever with the colony of grubs he curated, except for the one "with grumpy eyes, know why his eyes are grumpy? Because he's hungry so I gave him some moss to chew on."  Or the way Tols, after having his own cheeks slathered, carefully coated rocks and leaves with sunscreen and how he, after watching us work to spread mulch, found all manner of places we'd missed -- inside tulip blossoms and inside the hose nozzle and inside the tire pump.  Like nature in springtime, there's no doubt these boys are in the business of being alive.
And there are plenty of things to say about that, but right now, the thing about spring I keep coming back to is this: Parenting feels so much easier outside.

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rht said...

Here's to more sunny days outdoors!