from the phone

 first row at graduation
fruits and veggies for Tuck's teachers
front porch reading sesh
"hey Tollie, these are the flowers that smell like your sister."
midday hike at Glacier Ridge
Bozo bop bag

volunteering to help the night shift trauma team
a day at the science center
breakfast out, still in pajamas
farmer's market
future florist
 angels, singing for ours (photo by TEB)

telling stories
movie star via rht3627
adventures with little friends
a bit of pink in the house
the boys can't get enough berries
changing store doors, changing the world

sweet carrot, the baby and the truck
snapping turtle eggs!
under the weather
"me do"
thanks for saving the pink sweater for me, dad
our favorite "healthy" corn chips

we missed the roadside rest #happyfathersday
Buckeyes in Saugatuck
riding the dunes
beach buddies
his namesake would say he looked natty
"michigan is awesome" #disownedbydad

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