Loud and Messy

Our house is loud. The boys are confident little people, full of thoughts to articulate and projects to explore and so many needs.  They're all good things, the curiosity and the hunger and the energy.  But sometimes it just feels like noise and obligation, sometimes mothering feels more like a job than a joy.
Also?  Sometimes it feels like the floor is covered with so much stuff that the only viable solution is to move.  To a new house. 

We visited Aunt Molly at her new house this morning, and the boys ran LIKE WILD THINGS, loud and messy, through the unfurnished space.  And that's just how life is right now, loud and messy.  We take it with us wherever we go.

I put the boys to bed at night and we wake up together in the morning and really, what could be better?  I make coffee and they make messes and another day begins.  Another day begins.

Even on days that feel especially long and especially loud, even when my job feels like a job, if I had to choose between five minutes alone and a lifetime together, I'd pick the lifetime every time.
*Lakeshore Learning sent Tucker new Block Play Store Doors this week.  He and Tolliver tested them out and our whole family appreciates the improvements the company made.  If you haven't shopped at Lakeshore, you should.


rht said...
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rht said...

You're not the first mother to feel like it's a job! But, of course, you were Never loud or messy... ;>