from the phone

to school on a Tuesday
hollering up to heaven's house
meat from the egg
empty turtle eggs
to Celia, love Dad
feels like fall

lull in the "pillow game"
shadow dancing
giant tailgate jenga
lunch with ducks
laughing at myself in the mail
new lights

late night with the neighbor ladies via jnferris
brisket for book club via kristinpotsy
Tuck's friend Toady
hard not to touch the crawdad
full cups on the way to a clambake
little friends, big reasons

eighty six degree October days
Captain Tolliver, "uppie"pilot
red-headed babies might be his favorite
punk at the patch
so big via rht3627
discovering they'd been BOOed


rht said...

Great stories... the neighbor ladies under the new lights look like stars on a stage! Call it beyond the finish line...

Christy said...

I really need to get a new phone so I can take better pics and learn to add them to my blog like this. It's kind of a running joke that I have a ghetto phone! LOVE these! xo

Andy and Jenni said...

Careful, Mom. You're startin' to sound like your brother. Remember all the movie stars he saw at our wedding?! ;) The girls of W1nglis are kind of hot stuff though.